Our team has extensive experience in designing and developing cost effective simulation solutions from the simplest desktop based training to Full System Simulators (FSS). We have developed a vast library of building blocks that enable us expedite the development process and roll out the final solution with minimum time and effort.

Our Simulation & Serious Games Services

Driving Simulators

We develop Driving Simulators for different class and types of vehicle with and without motion platform. The dashboard and controls aredesigned to provide the same look, feel and experience as in a real vehicle. The solution has an inbuilt instructor module that is used to create various types of exercise with varying levels of difficulty. Different exercises can be administered simultaneously for different trainees.

Firing Simulator

The advanced weapon simulator is a multipurpose all-weather simulator that helps trainees master their skills in weapon handling. The simulator provides training from basic to advanced firing skills and can be configured asa single-lane/multi-lane configuration. The simulator is accurately modelled replicating all characteristics and modus operandi of the original weapons such as muzzle velocity, caliber, weight, recoil effect, cycle of operations etc. The 3D image generation can enliven the real time environment onto the projection screen including sound effects.

Locomotive Simulators

Locomotive Simulator is an advanced 360 degree training simulator that helps loco-pilots and maintenance personnel master the art of trouble shooting from basic to advanced snags. This simulator is a 1: 1 scale model of the driver cabin with exact replication of all the instruments and controls providing a real time immersive training experience to the trainees. The option for 3D image generation enhances the user experience.

Multipurpose Tank Simulator

Tank Simulator is as a multipurpose gunnery simulator to prepare mechanized infantry units for battle readiness. The simulator helps both gunner and the commander learn, practice and master skills such as detect, identify, acquire, track, range, select ammunitions, aim, fire, and apply corrections on different types of weapon systems.

Radar Training Simulator

The Radar Training simulator is software driven providing a cost effective solution for preparing young and experienced radar crew on various EW strategies. The instructor module can be configured to handle up to twenty trainees simultaneously and set up different exercises of varying complexity on different radars for each of them.

Virtual Maintenance Trainer

The success of a manufacturing unit lies in keeping the down time of the equipment as minimal as possible. The major challenge facing maintenance managers is "How to provide training on the machines without putting the machine down". Virtual Maintenance Trainer is the perfect panacea to this problem.

Augmented Reality (AR)

We are expertise in Augmented Reality (AR) where we generate graphics on top of real world environments, either directly or indirectly. Our technology provides a live direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment whose elements are augmented by virtual computer-generated imagery, or in other words, it’s what the world would look like with the Internet layered on top of it.

Plant Simulator

We offer a wide range of multi-disciplinary services in Plant Simulator. Our simulation enable users to run various what if scenarios and experiments without affecting the production and factory set up. Our solutions also come bundled with extensive analysis tools to help evaluate and provide information needed to make fast, reliable, and smarter decisions.